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The Hand of God Large Art

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When Yongsung Kim first envisioned The Hand of God painting, he was imagining a new perspective of Jesus Christ as He was reaching with His hand to save Peter from drowning. Most paintings that depict this story paint the scene from a third-person perspective. Instead, Yongsung Kim decided to paint The Hand of God painting from Peter's first-person perspective. And because Yongsung Kim chose this first-person perspective it makes The Hand of God painting all the more relatable and empowering, because it connects us to the Savior at a much deeper level. The Hand of God painting by Yongsung Kim does this because we are imagining that Jesus Christ is reaching down with His hand to personally save us from drowning.
And because of the amazing Hand of God painting by Yongsung Kim, we have created many additional products with this incredible picture of Christ. One of these products is a large art version of the original painting by Yongsung Kim. This large art painting is the largest replica of the original that is possible to produce. The Hand of God large art painting will help you always remember Christ's helping hands and saving grace.
Through The Hand of God Large Art, Yongsung Kim gives each of us hope, comfort and peace. Each of us have failed thousands of times on our journey to becoming like Jesus Christ, but no matter what Jesus Christ is always there for us with His outstretched hands. All we need to do is just reach up and grab His hand, the very hand of God.
We hope you enjoy this wonderful large artwork by Yongsung Kim. The Hand of God large artwork is a product you heart and mind will never forget.
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