Plate 12 - The Shepherd Thirsts –
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Plate 12 - The Shepherd Thirsts

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In our desire to capture authentic people and scenes in Israel, we hired this man, Simon by name, to be our shepherd. He was born and raised in Nazareth and has spent his later adult life, testifying of the divinity of the Savior right here in Jesus’ home town.****

It’s amazing that news of Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem was first heralded by the angels to the lowliest of people—the shepherds. In class-conscious Israel, the shepherds would be called upon to spread the word that He of whom the Prophets had testified—the Messiah—was now come.****

I wanted to capture the humility of a shepherd. I kept following Simon around, but then one of the other actors could see that in that hot summer weather, he had become very thirsty. She came and offered Simon some cold water from her own vessels. He started drinking and I could see this was the shot I was looking for.****

I thought of those first angels saying to those shepherds: “For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.”****

I’m so grateful that the lowly shepherds of old would be first to testify of the coming of the Good Shepherd.