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Brother's of Cain
When I entered the LDS church in 1964, blacks could not hold any positions within the church. I was told by an elder the black race were the "Son's of Cain," and remember saying that's plain silly.
I was forced into this church, and excommunicated when I got out of military in 1974, and remember talking to the three elders, actually to get out of the church.
I look around this beautiful site, and it is dichotomous, as when I look at the art, a mormon interpreters many art pieces differently.
Christianity is so very different my dear folks. The temple has been on a PR campaign this past 20 years to  make you mormons believe that you are Christians, but sadly you are not.
I would urge you all to change when you have enough time to do so, as Jesus did say false prophets would follow Him.
Take my litmus test, and if you can say the following, then your half the way to Eternity.
" I reject that neither Joseph Smith, nor Brigham Young were prophets, and reject the book of mormon, and the articles of faith. "I know I can never become a god of another world through good deeds."
Please give this some thought, as I am not the bandit you think I am, but a devout Christian just extending a helping hand, as many of you are misguided by temple dogma.
WILLIAM | 2/7/2020 2:23 PM
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